Namastay Canine Wellness offers integrative health services for dogs that address mind, body and spirit.

Dogs who could benefit from wellness services might:

  • appear stressed, anxious, fearful or depressed
  • have difficulty relaxing and/or resting
  • be transitioning to a new home
  • be displaying odd behaviours or a sudden unexplainable change in behaviour
  • have a chronic illness or have a pattern of repeated illness/symptoms
  • not be responding positively to medical treatment despite quality veterinary care
  • be recovering from surgery or injury
  • be grieving the loss of a loved one
  • be palliative
  • have traumatic histories
  • be taking on extra responsibilities as working dogs (such as emotional support dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs)

If you wish to enhance and deepen your relationship with your dog, my services are also for you!

The name “Namastay” was adding a little doggie touch to the word “Namaste,” which is a recognition of the divine spirit (soul) in another: my soul recognizes your soul.

Namastay Canine Wellness was inspired by a courageous blind rescue dog, Barney and his journey to whole wellness. (Click here for more on Barney’s story).